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It's very simple. We help make your product, your people, and your company successful.

While we're still technically a "consulting" firm, we don't operate the way most consulting firms do.

We don't perform expensive studies to tell you what you already know. If we can't tell you something you don't know, we aren't doing our job.

We don't offer up a 1,000-page "deck", take your money and leave while you still have the biggest job - execution - ahead of you.

We come in and work side-by-side with you, as part of your organization, until you reach your goal.

Everything we do is hands-on. Everything we do is done for a flat fee. And everything we do hooks you into our legendary industry contacts ... to some of the most influential, innovative and entrepreneurial people in the industry, worldwide.

Let us know about your challenges and we will find a strategy for you.

CJPS Enterprises offers entrepreneurial leadership to companies looking for explosive growth within the medical devices industry. We get explosive results because we're bringing you:

  • Strategy: integrated tactics that accelerate growth with surgical efficiency and flawless execution
  • Creativity: a totally fresh and objective - but experienced - approach to penetrate the medical device market
  • Knowledge: deep experience and expertise in the healthcare market, and in market diversification
  • Access: connections to the industry's most powerful leaders, and most strategic targets for your business
  • Expertise: firsthand experience in rapidly licensing or developing a product - and building a business around it
  • Vision: an international perspective, with contacts on every continent
  • Opportunity: insider's know-how in raising working capital through strategic alliances, business unit spin-offs or intellectual property

Our Mission is to get you breakthrough results through concrete marketing strategies. We will not jeopardize our objectivity by taking an earn-out, commission or percentage. That is why we only work one way, a flat fee. If we take a stake, we lose our credibility with our industry contacts.

And frankly, we get breakthrough results because we work with the right kind of clients: those with a quality product or a great idea, the courage and entrepreneurial spirit to lead, and a desire to be the best.

Are you that kind of client? Then we should talk.

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